Will the postcard marketing work?

This is quite an inevitable question in this digital era.

With postal and printing rates soaring, you may wonder if it is worth to invest and focus on.

Well… custom postcard printing adds a personal touch and takes a different line to connect with your customers.

With a reliable source of mailing addresses, direct mail marketing can help you connect with people who are really interested in your business, products, and services.

Are you wondering how?

Well… then read on. In this article, we are going to tell you how custom postcard printing can help you connect with your customers and grow your business.

Higher Visibility

Advertising through direct mail (envelopes) poses some unusual problems such as the receiver may not open the envelope and throw it in the dustbin.

But, when you send a postcard, the receiver may just flip the card out of reflex out of curiosity to see the contents. It means the receiver also glances through the message printed on.

Makes Direct Contact with the Customers

Customers’ value personalized communication. Postcards helps you reach audience directly and give them a direct line of sight to see the products and services you are offering.

With postcards, there is no wastage of recipient’s time. It takes a few moments and all critical info on the postcard is available right in front of eyes and easy to digest.

Attracts Attention Better

The visual element is important in direct mail marketing and especially for postcards. The design of the postcard plays an important role in attracting attention and passing the message to the prospective customer in a fast and simple manner.

However, make sure the appearance of the postcard is attractive enough to generate interest and cause the person to read the information given on postcard. The size and design of the postcard should not be small as there is a risk of message getting lost.

The postcard should be a bit larger in size to make it stand out.


When you use envelopes in direct mail marketing, you also have to bear the cost of envelopes.

But, in postcards marketing, there are no such costs involved. The costs are only related to the postcard itself, the design and the postage. That’s it.

And even you combine these costs; you will find the total cost is still much lower than other forms of direct mail marketing.

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